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Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

You can make it as easy and progressive as you want, but the excitement of the virtual races, light show and amazing “club like” sound, will drag you into a whole new level.

Get ready for an interactive workout


Gain results with a short workout


Your own goals are our own limits

Gear 01 Class


Designed for beginner and intermediate cyclists, our GEAR 1 cycling class is a 45-minute challenge for your legs, core, and arms (using small dumb bells). It is an exhilarating course full of energy and only the best inspirational beats to pedal along to. Motivational training by one of our talented instructors is an integral part of our success, and is included in all TRAX classes, free of charge. Follow your guide through awe-inspiring scenery toward a better you!

Gear 02 Class


Designed for intermediate and advanced cyclists, our GEAR 2 cycling class is a brief, 30-minute course proven to work out your legs, core, and arms (using small dumb bells). It is an express option for those who might be tight on time or seek a more concise aerobic workout. As is the case with all of our offerings, motivational training by one of our talented instructors is what really sets TRAX apart. Allow the heart-thumping tracks and light show to inspire you!

Gear 03 Class


Designed for only the most seasoned and advanced cycling enthusiasts, our GEAR 3 cycling class is a daring, 45-minute trial, sure to test even the boldest athletes. Brave participants can be assured a well-rounded, full-body workout and aerobic conditioning. This course is also delivered by only the best of our motivational instructors in true TRAX form. Embark on virtual race against your fellow cyclists toward the finish line, while measuring and comparing your performance against your competitors!


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